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Best Deliverance Ministers

When a Person Needs Deliverance


When a person's conscience has been desensitized to the call of the Spirit en route to repentance, he requires deliverance. Deliverance is a spiritual process that destroys strongholds - thoughts, beliefs or attitudes that make us live against the will of God - and renders them powerless in our lives.


A lot of strongholds are created by demons. The apostle, Paul, in the second book of Corinthians, tells us to tear our strongholds down through spiritual weapons.


What better way to start the deliverance process than with the very Word and blood of Jesus.  This is a key step in setting the believer free. According to the Bible (in Hebrew 4:12) God's word is alive, mighty and sharper than any two-edged sword, "cutting into the division of the soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow," and able to detect what is truly in one's heart. Its power is beyond human expression and comprehension.


The Bible is, of course, God's own breath and is thus totally adequate. There is nothing more that we need, except to understand His Word and live by it. The Scripture works best to relax a heart that has been hardened over time because of the slow but sure burning of the conscience.  To understand more about deliverance ministry, visit


In the sacrificial system mentioned in the Old Testament, the blood of Christ was sprinkled all over the tabernacle and its vessels for sanctification, making them worthy to serve the people. In the same way, when we bathe in the blood of Christ, our conscience is purified and again become sensitive to the voice of the Spirit. As God's living word starts to warm our heart and remove the impurities of our conscience, we are led back to our love for Him, and become His faithful servant again. Through the word of God, we awake and see the light, and through the blood of Jesus, we are purified. 


Unless a person is properly prepared for deliverance, it could be a waste of time. Anyone can be dragged inside the church and to the alter, but they cannot be forced to repent. Real repentance from can only come from the Word of God through the Holy Spirit.


Finally, there is no formula for deliverance ministry, no words or actions uttered or performed as a routine, no matter how religiously. True repentance can only happen from and within the heart of man, and it is the only requirement for true deliverance.