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Spiritual Attacks

Spiritual Attacks: Here Are Ways to Help You Overcome


Truth be told, spiritual warfare does exist and the culprit is Satan, whose desire is to wreck our thoughts, lives, and walk with Jesus Christ (John 10:10). Satan roams all around the world scouting for ways to cause trouble in the kingdom of God (1 Peter 5:8). Satan at one time enjoyed heaven's comfort until he decided that the spotlight should be on him, rather than God (Ezekiel 28: 12-15). It wasn't long before he rebelled, deceiving a third of heaven's angels as seen in Revelation 12:4. Jesus came to destroy all of Satan's works (1 John 3:8). Jesus emerged on top whenever He encountered demons, and it is on the cross that the devil received a technical knockout, giving us power to overcome all his plans. Here are ways to help you whenever you feel Satan is on your case.




Rather than panic, prayer should be your knee jerk reaction whenever you suffer spiritual attacks. We cannot fight in our own strength, but with God's help, we are assured of victory. Joining a deliverance ministry also plays a major role in becoming free from demonic influence. With an Exorcist Minister by your side, you will continually build on your prayer life.


Practice the Truth


As the bible says in John 14:6, Jesus is the truth. Jesus also went on to say that Satan is the father of lies as seen in John 8:44. There is no doubt that the devil's native language is deceit. This means that being rooted in the truth will help you overcome Satan's untruth.  Check out for more info about deliverance ministry.


Believe God Is Supreme


When we choose to stay in a state of panic following a spiritual attack, we forget to do two important things: pray and proclaim the truth. Fear actually makes people shrink back from the power Jesus has input in us to overcome the flames of the evil one.


The big question is, do you believe that God is bigger than Satan's attacks? We have an option to give in to fear, or surrender to God. In a nutshell, always know God is greater than the boogey man.


Let Go


There are instances when people tend to fix things on their own in the midst of spiritual battle. Since we want the battle to stop, we choose to fight for ourselves, forgetting that we are only human. None of us is God, thus we cannot orchestrate the outcome. The solution lies in leaving it all to God after we have done our part.


Here we are! Now you are aware on how to gain freedom from demons from deliverance ministry.